Backed by its expertise of creator and producer of fabrics and patterns claimed a certain audacity, PASTELS has expanded its range since 2010 by focusing on sustainabledevelopment, respect for social and environmental standards, creating a new line called ORGANIC products.

Our fabrics are GOTS certified, natural materials and 100% recycled for man-made yarns. Our development and our production are made 100% in France in order to achieve the lowest carbon impact .
PASTELS's objective is to provide to customer a wide choice of ORGANIC fabrics, innovative but also colorful and fancy. PASTELS goes further by integrating the environmental and social respect into the production fabric process. Pastels, we believe it is possible to do business in the respect for nature and human being.


Sample request

One or multiple products are of interest to you, we can send a sample (robrack) to your office within 48 hours.